By HiDrive

The 2018 vehicle models are now more accessible with a 360° view, where you can rotate and view at all angles on our website. Just the click of a button brings you your choice of vehicle and service body in an all-rounder view.

Use our simple make, model, chassis drill-down to see a filtered list of service bodies for your ute. Then check out the matching full canopy, part canopy, or tool module service bodies complete with a rotatable 360’ view of the service body on your ute make and model. Learn more.

Ford Ranger - Single Cab, Super Cab, Double Cab
Holden Colorado – Single Cab, Space Cab, Crew Cab
Isuzu D-Max -  – Single Cab, Space Cab, Crew Cab
Mazda BT-50 – Single Cab, Freestyle Cab, Dual Cab
Mitsubishi Triton – Single Cab, Club Cab, Double Cab
Nissan Navara – Single Cab, King Cab, Dual Cab
Toyota Hilux – Single Cab, Extra Cab, Double Cab
Toyota Landcruiser – Single Cab, Double Cab
Volkswagen Amarok – Double Cab

At Hidrive, we have a clear vision to uplift the safety, economy, and reliability of your mobile workforce by delivering cutting-edge modular aluminium service bodies, manufactured in Australia and tailored to meet the needs of our clients.