Full Canopy.jpg
Full Canopy Service Bodies
HiDrive's fully-enclosed 3 door ute service bodies are reliable, secure, sealed against the elements, and give your business the presentation it deserves. You will have a safe mobile workspace and the tools to get the job done with a ute service body that delivers all-round access to tools of the trade. Select a modular fit out to specifically suit your needs.
Part Canopy.jpg
Part Canopy Service Bodies
A serious mobile workspace solution, HiDrive's part canopy service bodies give you the best of both worlds with a combined ute canopy and rear tray. Use the rear tray to deliver those bulky items, and the enclosed canopy for tools of trade, and for a clean, dry workspace. Choose your length of ute tray, and fit out your ute service body to suit your needs with our modular system.
Tool Module.jpg
Tool Module Service Bodies
Hidrive tool module ute service bodies provide storage space in the centre aisle, with the option of a rear tray section. The centre aisle is ideal for longer utensils, while the integrated tool modules keep tools clean, dry and secure inside. Select your length of tool module service body and fit out so that you’re organised and ready to get the job done efficiently and safely every day.